Safety Leadership

At S.O.GAZ Safety performance is driven by the leadership of the organization. Our Leaders establish values, develop procedures, and enforce accountability for our safety programs. We at S.O.GAZ a safety leader is someone who exhibits high Safety. Our Leaders also motivates the coworkers to strive for minimal risk exposure.

At S.O.GAZ we are following the 5-STARS model of safety leadership which entails:

Supervision: Overseeing work activities to make sure employees are safe

Training: Conducting safety education and training

Accountability: Insisting that everyone complies with company safety policies and rules

Resources: Providing physical resources – tools, equipment, materials – so employees can work safely

Support: Creating a supportive psychosocial work environment – schedules, workloads, recognition – so employees do not work under undue stress

Safer Driving

Driving remains the biggest contributor to fatalities. To reinforce the expectation of safe driving by all employees at all times, our driving standard focuses on reducing risks such as fatigue and distractions, emphasizes not using phones while driving, hands-free or not, and reinforces the need to wear seat belts at all time.

Performances & Initiatives

Our HSSE Strategic Plan aims to build on our strong foundation while recognizing the challenges presented by our broad and diverse business and the impact this brings to the HSSE system.

The plan is centered on five strategic objectives that focus on: robust processes and systems; competent people; inspiring leadership; risk understanding, being fit for growth; and ensuring learning from previous events.

Life-Saving Rules

Safety and assurance is our top priority because lives depend upon it.

The S.O.GAZ Life Saving Rules (LSRs) focus on supporting and encouraging safe behaviors in the workplace.

The nine Group Life Saving Rules are as follows:

Control of Work: All work including changes must be risk assessed

Isolations: Verify isolations before work starts

Working at Height: Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

Lifting: Rigging and lifting processes and equipment must be planned, controlled, and suitable for the job

Confined Spaces: Obtain authorization before entering a confined space

Ground Works:  Ensure all safety precautions are in place for groundworks

Driving:   Always wear a seat belt and never use any type of mobile phone

Fit to Work:  You must be fit and able to do your job safely