LeaderShip Team

S.O.GAZ Management Members

Actual Management is a composition of the asset owner and the technical designer of this company. A young university trainee in Business administration will be coached to take the role of deputy Manger.

S.O.GAZ Technical Support Team

Strong Engineers with a mechanical background with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry will support the management team during the different phases of the life of S.O.GAZ. They were acting in different projects in Algeria and Abroad, with a strong technical background.

S.O.GAZ General Manager Biography

Mechanical Engineer background with over 25 years of hard experience in the oil and gas industry and has worked for some of the biggest companies. In Algeria he is well known in the maintenance domain especially in the rotating and static equipment, in technical support, he was considered as an Engineering Authority to support the technical decisions , his strong back ground in the planning side allowed him management consideration

Abroad , he is a leader in the shutdown and turnaround activities, almost fifteen turnaround was done in the last five years , including scope preparation ,tendering process , contract award , planning and execution phases.